Pictură – Valentin Kiss

Valentin Kiss (b. 1997) is a young emerging artist born in Cluj. He graduated Romulus Ladea High School in 2016. His work and interests concern mostly painting and graphics, combining more technical liner, pencil or even chalk with watercolor or oil, kiping a defined shape outline as his goal is to mantain the construction of shape as well highlighting details that are not that evident. He is interested by the interior of objects or the content of close habitats in depicting an ambient. He considers art in conection with its history and he tries to search for inovation in this non broken bond, aiming a new that does not abandon the old, the past. He participated to the Comenius Exchange Program (2013) and CivicArt Project (2015) ocasion with wich he had two exhibited works at Kios Exhibition Hall in Cluj. In 2012 he won the III price at ASTRA Talent international contest, his work beeing exhibited at ASTRA Museum in Sibiu. He also had one work selected and posted on MoMa Teens Instagram (2015).

Dead nature

     „View from my window and an interpretation of it.”



Monotony of Earth

„Being conscious of your state, but choosing to stay in that comfort zone, that monotony. All depends on yourself, what you do, what you think what you’re saying or what kind of people you surround yourself with, all depends on you. It’s like you tied yourself to that zone, but that chain is just like a silk wire.”

Red Jungle

„Imagine a visual way to transpose an assembly into an unit, into an individuality. We might propose a kind of single indefinite form which reunites numerous other defined shapes, like in the case of embryonic multi potentialities. The artistical process in achievement this kind of visual construction for a fauna represents a configuration of a state in which all organisms are almost identical even if they belong to very different species. The effect would be an indefinite stage that will become a particular animal or plant but with a free and variable verdict. The vitality or oxygenated blood flowing through the vessels of a living sistem can be conferred to a landscape by using its color, an intense red, touching the exterior as well as the interior of its elements. The represented forms (painted in pink that is again a color of vitality) are actively becoming in others (like cell division and multiplication).”


When I had my first anxiety attack in high school, there was no mistakig what it was. The combination of feelings, almost like emotional and physical claustrophobia all at the same time.

God Level

„Patrik, one of the residents from where I worked for two months has dementia and skin cancer. One day he stood alone and talking to himself saying ” All died before, maybe two times or more” and I asked him ”who?” he answered, ”All of us, died before”. That made me think that maybe we do not use our brain at full capacity when we are healthy and when we get poorly and sick our brain activates and sees things differently and wisdom find us along.”