Compulsive Control (poezie) – Maria Bega

The multifaceted ire that ran through my veins
And the spurting of ire when the torture gave way
And the bursting of fluids on pavements they sprayed
The intentional art of delinquents portrayed

The orators of stories, but never our own
Hegemonically upon us they were bestowed
And we rambled on, shaken from heads to our toes
While we quivered in pain for reasons unknown

And we agonized for what seemed to be so long
Holding sheathed tobacco to soothe our strained wrongs
But what happens when advertisements are beguiling
When conspicuous consumption limits, enticing

When the corporate are in line with police, with armed forces
When they inflict harm and seek the profit we seem to endorse
Then suffers our will to dive in the eternal
Instead morphing life into something that’s infernal

What then happens with life itself as we know it
When it’s orchestrated by systemic devices
What happens when meager attempts towards manipulation
Turn into digits contributing to inflation

When sequential terror brings about major crises
When the prices to pay were never just on price tags
Do you not care to demystify this abyss?
And to stop paying with life, letting them dictate how to conceptualize bliss?